How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

Creating an entire campaign might be complex, but it’s a pretty straightforward process — if you do it correctly. Planning your campaign is just as important as designing the fun stuff, such as the creative advertisements and conversion assets. See more information at

Before you create what your audience will see, you must consider what you want them to do when they see it … or read it or hear it. (You get the gist.)

I’ve organized this section as a marketing campaign template of sorts. All you need to do is answer the questions — as accurately and in-depth as possible — to ensure a thorough, successful approach to your next marketing campaign, more here.

Also, don’t skip ahead! Your responses to previous questions will guide your ideas and answers as you move along.

Planning Your Marketing Campaign
This step is crucial to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign guides published here. The planning stage will determine how you measure success and will guide your team and campaign when things (inevitably) go awry.